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© 2019 - World like Home


Using World like Home, you agree to respect the Charter of Ethics described below. This charter constitutes an obligation for all members, and members can apply the terms of this charter directly to one another. The purpose of this charter is to define attitudes and provide guidelines which, beyond the necessary respect for compulsory rules, lead to exemplary friendly behaviour in the interests of World like Home and her community of members. Any failure to adhere to these rules by members shall constitute misconduct, and may be dealt with by appropriate sanctions and proceedings. In particular, pursuant to the laws applicable, these sanctions may include dismissal from the community for misconduct and any legal claims deem necessary. All members of World like Home must be able to determine when it becomes necessary for them to seek advice from World like Home or legal services. If this charter proves incomplete or inaccurate in certain situations and if members are uncertain or have doubts concerning the behaviour to be adopted in specific situations, they are free to consult World like Home or seek legal advise.

Proposing Services

The volunteer guarantees to only publish on World like Home services that he/she really wants to render. Student travellers must provide each other with any information related to the point of arrival, the presence or tolerance of animals, the presence or tolerance of smokers, and in general, any information related to comfort and any other preference on the part of the traveller (volunteer respectively).

All members must ensure that all information provided is accurate and that they are in agreement with all the terms agreed between them. World Like Home is neither responsible for the accuracy of the information nor the agreements reached among members.

The volunteer guarantees that he will perform the services that he/she publishes and for which requests are registered. He/she also agrees to help any student traveller to whom he/she is committed.

Volunteers are asked to help travellers carry part of their luggage in case he/she has 2 or more bags. In any case, the student traveller cannot abuse such a voluntary gesture by imposing on him/her to transport any luggage while he/she walks hand free.


Each volunteer guarantees that he/she will take no risk of consuming neither alcohol nor drugs nor medications that could alter or disrupt his ability to help the student traveller in safety, with prudence and with the required concentration.

We ask you to be attentive to the information you provide on the site or directly to other members. You will not necessarily know the identity of people you communicate with on the site. You should never provide financial information directly to members.

We invite you if necessary; to immediately report any abuse or harassment to World like Home, by contacting us via our website. If you are unsure of having to report an issue, then we recommend you to do it anyway.

When members agree on a service, World like Home recommends that they meet in a crowded public area. World like Home recommends members to have a mobile phone and perform the verification process on the site.

This is necessary for the credibility and reliability of data published on the site. Members should consider the possibility of informing a relative of the services they intend to do, including details of departure and arrival. Members could consider sending an SMS to a relative with the name and/or photo of the volunteer (respectively travellers).

Members must inform their partners if they plan to do this, and if they intend to inform a relative. Members should always check the identity of other members with whom they are in contact before they go to the place agreed upon.

Members will not object or will not be offended by the will of another member in ensuring his/her own security.


Members agree to provide to any other member information and documents that another member may reasonably request as part of accompanying them. This information include (but not limited to) an identification document or residence permit, telephone number, etc. The identity of the traveller and the volunteer must match with those provided by World like Home and to which the student traveller and volunteer agreed.A traveller or a volunteer may refuse to comply if the identity of the other member does not match the one indicated by World like Home. World like Home also reminds you that the site can in no way be used for commercial or professional purposes.


All members agree to abide by and adhere to the time and place set for the arrival. The volunteer and the traveller must go to the place at the time agreed for the appointment. After a grace period of 60 minutes, the person who fails to appear is responsible for a cancellation, and the cancellation policy then applies (please see conditions).


Each student traveller must ensure his properties are safe throughout.

Confort and conditions

Members should agree on the following conditions before volunteering and these conditions will form part of the agreement established between them: the amount of the contribution to expenses, time of arrival, whether to allow smoking, the presence of animals, the meeting point, etc.

Published Information

No member is allowed to publish defaming, offensive, racist, discriminatory information or anything which could cause harm to others. World like Home will remove any information contrary to these conditions when it comes to our notice (but World like Home does not actively monitor the site in search of such information). The student volunteers and travellers agree in advance that opinions about them from others can be published on the site. They also agree that their experience level is calculated and published in accordance with the criteria stipulated by World like Home. Members also accept to respect the charter of communication on World like Home, especially in their public exchanges by not attempting to circumvent the working of the site or having an inappropriate behaviour against other members.